Membership – Road/Track Cycling

Cycling Australia Online Membership HQ

Here you can join Cycling Australia as a new member, renew your existing membership, update your contact and personal details and enter events (events that support online entry).

Please take a few moments to read through the information below which is provided to help guide you through our online system.

For detailed membership information please visit the membership section of the Cycling Australia website.

Membership Categories

Cycling Australia membership falls into three main categories:

  • Gold Race – For racing cyclists (categories by age from Juniors to Masters and everything in between).
  • Silver Ride – For recreational cyclists (Adult, Junior, Seniors & KIDZ).
  • Platinum – For coaches, officials and administrators working in cycling.

New Members

To join online you will need to know:

Visit the membership section of the Cycling Australia website for all the information you need. If you still have a question please contact our Membership Team.

Renewing Members

Please visit the membership section on the Cycling Australia website to confirm you are eligible for the category of membership you want to purchase. Then login  to renew your membership.

Online payment

Online payment can only be made using a credit/debit card (Mastercard or Visa only).

Important notes about entering your information in the system

  • Please note the first club listed is the name of the parent state so please do not choose it. e.g. State – Cycling ACT, Club – Do not choose Cycling ACT again.
  • When you enter phone numbers please use numerals only. Please put the area code in the first box and the number in the second box. Do not use any other characters. Brackets, symbols, punctuation marks and the like are not valid so please do not use (,#/+ etc. anywhere in the online form. For international numbers please insert 0011 as the international area code.
  • Dates should be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Please enter only one email address per email text box and double check you are putting the correct address in as we will send your receipt and membership information to this email address.
  • Information relating to allergies and medical conditions will be available to national, state and club administrators. If you do not want this information to be seen but need to advise us of any condition relevant to your insurance cover please contact the Membership Team to discuss.
  • Image facility – you only need to use this if you have been asked to upload a copy of your First Aid qualification, Working with Children clearance, Proof of Age documents or a passport photo. Otherwise just skip that section. Please note the file you want to upload cannot be greater than 250kb in size. Please make sure your file is in one of the following formats .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png

Coaches & Officials

Please be aware that a First Aid qualification is mandatory for all Cycling Australia accredited coaches at all levels, across all disciplines. Please use the image facility in the online membership process to upload a scanned copy of your valid First Aid certificate.

Also if ‘Working with Children’ clearance is required for your accreditation please use the image facility in the online membership process to upload a scanned copy of the valid document (the form of which will vary from state to state). Please contact Cycling Australia if you are unsure of whether you need a clearance.

UCI International Racing Licence

Cycling Australia members who want to race in International Cycling Union (UCI) class events in Australia or overseas must purchase an International Licence.

An International Licence is only available to members who have a valid Gold Race licence with Cycling Australia. For licence costs, application forms and more details please visit the Cycling Australia website.