SEQ State Championship 2012

For those of you who haven’t heard the gossip TRC is now hosting the 2012 State Champs at Adare on Saturday 29th Sept, 2012.

Entries are now open on MTBA and there is a link from the SEQ MTB website to enter also or ENTER HERE


Rego will open at 0630hrs. Course can be ridden after rego.

We will start racing at 0800hrs with the youngsters but will confirm schedule timing ASAP.

There is some interest in doing something for the under 8 year olds. If anyone has an under 8 child and are interested in letting them go through the race format accompanied by an adult if need be let TRC know. As you probably know the kids are very well catered for in triathlon and I feel we should do it in MTB. No fee will be charged.

A big thank you to Eamon at Maxxis and Jason at Podium lube who have “swung” with all the changes and are still providing plenty of great prizes on the day. Jason will provide a fee chain and suspension lube on the day and will be selling his products at half price.

Spread the word. Get the message out on all the facebook pages etc.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 29th for some great racing.